What does PushCoin solve?

Cash on premises
High credit card rates
Sluggish transactions
Poor communication with parents
Subsidized accounts
Outdated hardware


Check out why PushCoin is the most cost-effective, convenient and secure system for managing payments between parents and schools on the market.



Offer parents instant, free and convenient funding. Reduce use of cash or paper checks.

Easy Payments

Quickly accept payments indoors or outdoors, without reliable Internet connection.

Point Of Sale

Manage menu, web store, inventory and prices remotely. Access sales reports 24/7

Transaction Security

Quickly and accurately identify students with Touch ID, pinpad, barcode or contactless cards.

Run School Cafe Like a Pro…

PushCoin Terminal©

Manage any number of terminals remotely.
Change colors, prices, names without leaving your desk!

  • Bright and sensitive touch-screen
  • Wireless or wired networking
  • Automatic software updates
  • Go green: use 7-watts under load!
  • Rich connectivity options:
    – cash drawers
    – pinpads
    – Touch ID, barcode or RFID readers

Download Brochure (PDF)


Peace of Mind, Ease of Use

Keep in mind that PushCoin can identify students in several ways, making it a great fit for any school and community. PushCoin is the only school platform that offers a selection of Touch ID, pinpads or battery-free NFC devices such as wristbands or student IDs for super-fast, ultra-secure payments and identification. In addition, PushCoin discretely handles students who receive reduced-price or free lunches. It’s transparent to staff and peer students.

We understand that technology can hinder a happy working life and switching providers to save school money is equally challenging. This is why we take a different approach, one of openness, innovation and participation.

Every school has slightly different needs when it comes to payments and cookie cutter solutions don’t always meet your needs. However your school runs, we’ll do everything we can to match or develop the right solution for your organization. All of our systems are highly customizable and expandable, enabling us to provide schools with individually tailored solutions. That way, you can run at your best, today and in the future. Just ask, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised with our constantly evolving, community supported platform.

A complete package that saves time and money.

With your own domain

Revamp your school web store

With PushCoin, you are not limited to cafeteria sales! Parents use familiar to them mobile devices for all school-related payments. Save on transaction costs when selling orchestra uniforms, PTO, Driver Ed and registration fees. Use a school domain of your choice, select from dozens of ready-to-use web templates and enjoy the highest grade encryption certificates. No more headaches of hosting a web site!
From a single administrative console, manage cafeteria and online products. Monitor your sales real-time and generate reports 24/7. You can even track performance of your individual PTO campaigns!


Platform in a nutshell…

  • Point of Sale system that works even when your Internet hiccups or during a power outage.
  • Complete package for parent funding, school lunch sales and the online store.
  • Accept payments outdoors, during sporting events, festivals or concerts.
  • 24/7 access to real-time reports.
  • Convenience and lightning-fast transactions via Touch ID, RFID, barcode or pinpad.